Sparkling Dun


Sparkling Dun

Model # PNWNC002

Child Capacity: 50 to 60

Age Range: 5 to 12 Years

Post Diameter: 5 inch posts

Safety Zone:  43′ by 35′ 6″


Sparkling Dun

Sparkling Dun playground will surely make a big impression on any kid looking for an adventure.  This playground features a 3 straight slides and a spiral slide.  There is plenty of options to climb on this unit including a snake climber, pod climber, vertical ladder, and a cork screw climber.  It’s easy to test your strength there is a set of overhead ring monkey bars.  To help keep you cool in the summer time it features a large built in sun shade.  Also to add to the fun is a steering wheel, rain wheel, bongo drums and a store front panel.  When it’s time for a break this unit has a built in bench.  ADA compliant.  IPEMA Certified.