Parachute Adams


Parachute Adams

Model # PNWNC007

Child Capacity- 16 – 19 

Age Range-2-5 Years

Post Diameter- 5″

Safety Zone- 32′ 1″ x 29′ 6″


Parachute Adams

Parachute Adams is the ideal playground for a daycare or preschool. With 2 platforms a connection tunnel and 3 slides little ones can safely climb and slide all day. Uniquely designed with elephant staircase and bold flower topper to brighten up anyone’s day. Parachute Adams is for the age range between 2-5 years. This playground is perfect for an addition to a preexisting playground or a tight space. Kids can play Tic Tac Toe on the panel board or use there imagination to start there own band with the bongo drum found on the base of the set.