Blue Wing Olive


Blue Wing Olive

Model #PNWNC003

Child Capacity-32-42

Age Range- 2-12 Years

Post Diameter- 4.5 Inch

Safety Zone- 43′ 6″ x 43′ 6″

Blue Wing Olive

Blue Wing Olive playground will surely make a huge impression on any child looking for an awesome play experience.  This playground features  3 straight slides and a massive 7-foot Spiral Tube Slide, which has transparent sections for visibility. .  There is plenty of options to climb on this unit including an Inverted Arch Ladder and Fan Ladder, they can also use the Transfer Station or Pebble Climber step too. To help keep children cool in the summer time it features two large built in sun shades. In addition we’ve added multiple fun activity panels throughout the whole set to keep kids busy all day long. ADA compliant. IPEMA Certified.