Residential Swing Sets - Play Mor Swing Sets

Play Mor Swing Sets

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Residential Swing Sets - Tree Frogs Swing Sets

Tree Frogs Swing Sets

Now Carrying Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Sets

Safety is our #1 Priority

Tree Frogs playsets are designed with safety as our priority. We want our customers to have peace of mind that what they are investing in is as safe as possible. Every swing set is made with recessed hardware and smooth wood, as well as coated chains so fingers don’t get pinched.

100% Premium Solid Wood

Mass swing set retailers use low-quality, thin lumber from abroad, but Tree Frogs manufactures our own line of swing sets out of the finest woods available. Tree Frogs swing sets are built with chemically free, thick, premium lumber that comes from certified mills and is sustainably harvested. Both redwood and cedar are naturally resistant to insects and decay and are unlikely to warp or twist. Because our lumber is chemical free and from sustainable forests, it is not only healthy for families but the world in which they play.

Quality Construction

Our swing sets are well-constructed, with no dangerous metal protrusions, and are even strong enough to support heavy adults. Our support gussets are one piece of timber that is notched for superior strength. We recess our hardware for safety and to keep the play set looking beautiful. Your strong, beautiful play set will last for years outdoors and hold a special place in your kid’s memories for life. Our standard swing beams are constructed of 4×6 solid lumber, never laminated. Built for years of sturdy, safe play.

Superior Slides

Or slides stand out from the rest of manufacturers. We custom designed our slides to be superior with thicker walls and a sturdier base. Our slides are sure to last years longer than competitors. Kids can zoom down slides safely!