BlueRidge Playgrounds is Asheville’s only source for the best basketball hoops on the market.

Ironclad basketball hoops offer the best quality systems at a competitive price.  All Ironclad basketball systems are covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY, which includes dunking and hanging on the rim.  All units come with tempered glass backboards.  Tempered glass is what all competition basketball backboards are made of.  Tempered glass possess very lively ball bound characteristics.  Backboard sizes include 54″, 60″ and regulation size 72″.

Safety.  Each unit also comes with a breakaway rim and net.  The rim will flex down when a player hangs on it and snap back to its original position when the player lets go.  Post padding and backboard padding are included in the price of the goal.

Key Features.  Ironclad units all come with Stainless Steel Hardware, Powder Coat Protection, and Weather Shield Undercoating.  Moving to a new house?  Each unit is equipped with a bolt down anchor base, which allows the unit to be disconnected from the concrete footing and moved to a new location.  A new set of anchor bolts may be purchased to re-install the unit.