Pheasant Tail


Pheasant Tail

Model #PNWNC009

Child Capacity- 18-24

Age Range- 2-5 Years

Post Diameter- 5″

Safety Zone- 30′ 1″ x 29′ 6″

Pheasant Tail

Pheasant Tail is a custom designed playground suitable for all ages, but particularly good for preschool aged youngsters from 2- 5 years. It has three different types of slides, as well as four unique activity panels.Children will spend endless hours climbing and sliding.The Straight Slide is the fastest of the three- since it doesn’t have any bumps or turns, the wave slide’s shape gives the rider a little extra bounce, and the turn slide gives them some angular momentum. The activity panels are designed to provide mental engagement. There is even two sets of drums and a rain wheel at the base of the structure for additional accompaniment. Its one-of-a-kind design is built for the needs of those with a small footprint.