Copper John


Copper John 

Model #PNWNC004

Child Capacity- 40-48

Age Range- 2-12 Years

Post Diameter- 4.5 Inch

Safety Zone- 42′ x 28″ 2′

Copper John

Copper John play system is a great option for any playground. Since it caters to children of all ages from 2 to 12. It has a wide assortment of activities that will satisfy any child. The lower side of the structure has a 3-foot Double and Single Straight Slide perfect for younger kids.The Percussion Panel can produce musical noises with different pitches to give kids a creative outlet. The two climbers help improve kid’s physical fitness. The Ball Maze Panel is a fun game for kids to play individually. Lastly the Plinko Panel is great to play with friends. There is something for everyone. An added bonus to this already amazing set is the 2 sun shades.