Caddis Climber


Caddis Climber

Model #- PNWNC006

Child Capacity- 8

Age Range- 5-12 Years

Post Diameter- 5 inch

Safety Zone-  24ft. diameter

Caddis Climber

The Caddis Climber set contains four large pod climbers. Two of these climbers have 5 steps while the rest have 6. This makes them over 12ft tall.  This makes for an exciting challenge for children between the ages of five and twelve. The pod climbers have unique rounded shapes which allow them to be climbed just as easily from any side. The open spaces in each step allows them to double as hand grips. These pod climbers are a unique addition to any playground.  They are designed to give you the feel of climbing a tree in your backyard but safer.  The vertical metal rails are an important safety feature which allows children to be safe and keep their balance as they reach the top of the structure.