Moonlight Imagination Station


Boasting a wide array of play elements to choose from, the Moonlight Imagination Station offers something for every child to engage with. Whether they’re situated on the ground or on the deck, children will have no trouble accessing the fun contained within the Moonlight Imagination Station. On the ground level, kids can utilize the Rain Wheel and Bongos to engage in different types of sensory play. By ascending the structure using either the Fish Stairs or the Transfer Station, children will be welcomed by a Car Panel, which will allow them to envision themselves in the driver’s seat of their very own car, as well as the Tic Tac Toe Panel, which challenges them to compete with their friends for the coveted title of playground tic tac toe champion. Once finished, kids can safely and thrillingly slide back down to the ground using the Hard Hat Straight Slide.

AGE RANGE: 2-5 years old


SAFETY ZONE: 21’9″ x 27’1″