Mars Hill Housing Authority

BlueRidge Playgrounds is thrilled share our most recent work with you. We had the opportunity to build this Antero Commercial grade playground this past week in Madison County, Mars Hill area. Mars Hill Housing Authority is showing kids the value of the community. Playgrounds provide a sense of security and yet allow any child complete freedom of imagination as well as physical freedom.  Children deserve these spaces, thankfully this community’s playground can only help to make brighter futures for all who enjoy this new play set. We are grateful to have been a part of this project and look forward to the many more this summer. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what we’re working on around town.

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Covenant Community Church

BlueRidge Playgrounds helped Covenant Community Church slide into spring with their new commercial playground!  Including surfacing for ultimate safety, challenging climbers, and super fast slides, this playground will surely be a hit for many years to come. Interested in having a colossal playground for your school or church? Check out our line of commercial play equipment here!

Francine Delany New School

Get Physical

Francine Delany New School recently acquired some new playground equipment from BlueRidge Playgrounds for their school.  With play equipment consisting of spider climbers, pod climbers, rope climbers, and an overhead leaf climber this “Get Physical” playground will keep all of the kids busy during their play time outside.  Developing motor skills is one of the most important milestones in child development.  Thank you to Francine Delany New School for choosing the local playground supplier and installer for their new playground equipment!

Trinity Episcopal Church of Asheville

Swingin in the shade!

Trinity Episcopal Church of Asheville reached out to BlueRidge Playgrounds to acquire new swings for their existing playground.  Instead of only installing swings, we thought it would be good to offer some protection from the sun with a Sunshade over the swing set.  So let’s sit down, cool off, and do some swingin in the shade!

Bethel Christian Academy

BlueRidge Playgrounds had the pleasure of working with Bethel Christian Academy on one of our most recent playground projects.  This playground is dedicated to State Trooper Brandon Peterson, a member of their congregation who unexpectedly passed away earlier this year.  We were honored to have taken part in building Bethel Christian Academy’s Brandon Peterson Memorial Park. We wish the best to the families and members of Bethel Christian Academy and hope their children and families are able to enjoy their park for many years to come.

Claxton Elementary School

Geared up and ready for the new school year! Earlier this year BlueRidge Playgrounds recently installed some new playground equipment for Claxton Elementary School. New equipment consisting of a spider web climber, 20 ft. hill slide, shaded outdoor classroom, and a new playground with a three bay arch swing set.

And a special thanks to Claxton’s PTO, Claxton Elementary Administration, and Asheville City Schools for aiding and working with BlueRidge Playgrounds in completing the project for their new playground area!