Greenville Play Structure


Age Range: 5-12 years
Child Capacity:  46-53
Fall Height:  84″
Post Diameter:  3.5-inch
Safety Zone:  32′ 10″ x 42′ 2″

Greenville Play Structure

Children of all ages can enjoy the Greenville play structure, which is designed for children 2-12 years of age. The structure zig-zags as it ascends to the highest elevated platform, which is accessible by a pod climber and has a straight slide attached to it. A bones bridge attaches this platform to another same-level platform that has a vertical PE climbing wall attached to it. Down from this platform sits a mid-level elevated platform with a left turn slide attached to it, and down from this platform is the lowest level platform. The lowest level platform of the Greenville play structure is accessible by regular stairs, a boulder climber, or an overhead horizontal ladder, which is attached to a vertical ladder.

Bongos, a ship’s wheel, and a drum panel make this structure ADA compliant.

Each platform is covered by a kid’s roof so children can play in the shade on sunny days, and there is a bench panel for children to rest on if they grow tired.