Trinity Episcopal Church of Asheville

Swingin in the shade!

Trinity Episcopal Church of Asheville reached out to BlueRidge Playgrounds to acquire new swings for their existing playground. ¬†Instead of only installing swings, we thought it would be good to offer some protection from the sun with a Sunshade over the swing set. ¬†So let’s sit down, cool off, and do some swingin in the shade!

Bethel Christian Academy

BlueRidge Playgrounds had the pleasure of working with Bethel Christian Academy on one of our most recent playground projects. ¬†This playground is dedicated to State Trooper Brandon Peterson, a member of their congregation who unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. ¬†We were honored to have taken part in building Bethel Christian Academy’s Brandon Peterson Memorial Park. We wish the best to the families and members of Bethel Christian Academy and hope their children and families are able to enjoy their park for many years to come.

Claxton Elementary School

Geared up and ready for the new school year! Earlier this year BlueRidge Playgrounds recently installed some new playground equipment for Claxton Elementary School. New equipment consisting of a spider web climber, 20 ft. hill slide, shaded outdoor classroom, and a new playground with a three bay arch swing set.

And a special thanks to Claxton’s PTO, Claxton Elementary Administration, and Asheville City Schools for aiding and working with BlueRidge Playgrounds in completing the project for their new playground area!

New Hope Baptist Church Playground

Our most recent commercial playground was installed at New Hope Baptist Church in Sylva, NC. ¬†From spinners to slides, crawl tubes and benches, rubber mulch and pour in place surfacing, New Hope got a serious upgrade from the preexisting “Little Tykes” plastic play equipment.

BlueRidge Playgrounds prides ourselves in always delivering quality play equipment and top notch service for all of our customers.  From start to finish we are here for your playground needs.

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Ansley at Roberts Lake Apartment Complex Commercial Playground

comercial playground 2Ansley at Roberts Lake Apartment Complex asked us to install a commercial playground. ¬†Of course we said “YES, we would be happy to give your residences a safe place for their kids to play.” ¬†Playgrounds are one of the best places for kids to learn basic motor skills,¬†interact with other kids, make new friends, play games, get exercise, keep them outside, and most of all have fun! ¬†Ansley at Roberts Lake was so happy with their playground that they will continue to use PlayNation of W.N.C. for projects that require playgrounds in the future.

Calvary Road Baptist Church Commercial Playground

comercial playground 1¬†After dealing with scattered and frequent thunderstorms, hard earth and a lot of rocks PlayNation of W.N.C.¬†finally finished this commercial playground for Calvary Road Baptist Church. ¬†It wasn’t easy, and there were a lot of set backs but nether the less PlayNation of W.N.C.¬†got it done with determination and hard work. ¬†Calvary Road Baptist Church was delighted¬†with their final product and said they can’t keep the kids off of it. ¬†PlayNation of W.N.C. aims for 100% customer satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to complete the project the right way, always with a smile on our faces.

Make-A-Wish Playground

On Monday¬†November 16th BlueRidge Playgrounds went to McLeansville North Carolina, just outside of Greensboro. ¬†When we arrived we met Shawn, diagnosed with Lymphoma. His family, and all of the folks from Make-A-Wish Foundation were there to pitch in and help build the play set. ¬†Shawn’s original wish was to go to Disney World, but when he was asked what his wish was he said “I want a giant playground!” ¬†We were delighted to have the opportunity to¬†grant Shawn’s wish; his giant playground has¬†a tube slide, rock wall, swings, and all of the bells and whistles that make a playground so much fun (he really liked the periscope). ¬†Once it was completed, we couldn’t keep him off of the play set, we immediately knew he loved it. ¬†We know this playground is no Disney World, but the smile on his face said it all, it was awesome to make Shawn’s wish come true. ¬†Make-A-Wish is an amazing organization that helps children’s dreams come true! ¬†¬†Here are some of the pictures of Shawn’s Playground from start to finish.20151116_11213420151116_11591120151116_11574620151116_12152220151116_12453020151116_13025220151116_15015820151116_150538

Chattanooga Monster Residential Swing Set

Monster Residential swing set and Rubber mulch in Chattanooga Tennessee by Playnation of WNC

We will travel to YOUR destination to make your project happen!

monsterswingset_playnationwnc_TN monsterswingset_TN

Abigale Norman
We had a fantastic experience with PlayNation of WNC!
Abigale Norman
Crystal Key
Excellent work by these guys! My son is enjoying his wish granted by make a wish foundation mage possible by you!
Crystal Key

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