Gigantic Fun Ball


  • It’s big! It’s red! It’s a ball!
  • A GIANT 40″ when inflated.
  • Great for serious exercise as well as serious play!
  • Not for use on a trampoline without aĀ Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure.
  • Safe, durable construction
  • Comes with a straw and plug for easy inflation

Gigantic Fun Ball!

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  • Athletes turn to trampolines to perfect the latest tricks!
  • Get ahead of the game with theĀ Ā ProFlex Trampoline BasketballĀ set, compatible with model 280Ā trampoline safety net enclosuresĀ and up.
  • Great for Conditioning: Thrill seekers will love theĀ Trampoline BounceBoardĀ®; strengthens core and legs and will also help train wakeboarders and snowboarders in the off season.
  • Trampoline cross training and expand possibilities!Ā Jump big and put your mind at ease knowing your trampoline is surrounded by a JumpSport safety enclosures!
  • Every trampolineĀ meets or exceedsĀ all Federal Standards andĀ exceedsĀ the voluntary ASTM Impact Performance Test standard.
  • Every price point that we offer provides you with the safest, highest quality trampoline at that budget, as seen in our industry-leading warranties.
  • We will continue to innovate new safety features, including trampoline accessories that encourage safe play.

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Additional Information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 4 in