Des Moines


Age Range:  2-5 years
Child Capacity:  23-27
Fall Height:  36″
Post Diameter:  3.5-inch
Safety Zone:  18′ 11″ x 31′ 3″

Des Moines

Insure that children will have the best day ever with the Des Moines play structure.

This play structure is made up of three 36” elevated, square, platforms, and is accessible by a snake climber, a carrot climber, and by stairs. A straight slide branches off the end of the play structure, and a gear panel and a tic tac toe panel border the upper level of the play structure. A bench panel and bongos found on the ground level of the play structure provide opportunities for on-ground play and make the Des Moines play structure ADA compliant. Two line roofs cover two parts of the structure, providing shade and protection from the sun to children playing on the play structure during sunny days.

The Des Moines play structure is the best way to insure that your children have an enjoyable time at the playground. This play structure is designed for children who are between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.