Swing Set Buyers Guide

How Do I Get Started?

BlueRidge Playgrounds has been selling backyard swing sets and products for over 20 years.  We have done our part in researching and only providing quality products with the best warranty’s on the market.  Now we are here to help match you with the right swing set for your family.  There are many things to consider when making your purchase and we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions we are more than happy to help, just give a call (828) 776-2731.

What Size Swing Set Can I Fit In My Yard?

All Swing Sets have a designated play area foot print, this is the space needed just for the swing set.  It is recommended that you have a 6 ft area around these dimensions which is called the fall zone.  For example this swing set has a 19ft. by 14ft. play area foot print.  The fall zone foot print would be 31ft by 26ft.

The area should be as level as possible within a few inches.  BlueRidge Playgrounds professional installation service does allow for a little slope and we can still install your swing set.  If your area has more than a few inches of slope, BlueRidge Playgrounds does provide a grading service.

What Type Of Lumber Choices Do I Have?


Choosing your lumber options is one of the most important decisions you can make for your swing set.  It’s important that lumber is strong, sturdy, and safe.  Manufacture warranties are a good way to tell what type of product your buying.  If the manufacture does not back their product why should you?

PlayNation Redwood

At PlayNation, we only select wood that is of the highest quality with a natural resistance to rot, decay and insects. It’s imperative to us that from the beginning, our swing sets are designed to be durable, stable, and sustainable.  PlayNation Redwood swing sets come with a Lifetime Warranty on the lumber.

Natural Cedar

PlayNation’s Natural Cedar with amber stained finish is a perfect look for any backyard.  True lumber dimensions make sure this is a solid swing set that will last for years.  You can take comfort in knowing that is also backed by a 15 year warranty on the structural lumber.

PlayMor Swing Sets

PlayMor swing sets are made of pressure treated pine with an amber colored stain finish.  PlayMor also offers a complete Poly coated swing set.  These swing sets are hand crafted in the heart of Ohio, and is backed by a 10 year manufactures warranty.

What roof options are available?


Our original heavy-duty vinyl canopy. Vinyl canopies offer protection from the sun and provide shade and cooler temperatures!



Our fashion-forward Signature roof option is 100% authentic Sunbrella® fabric. Sunbrella® fabric resists stains and fading, even through intense sunlight exposure.



All cedar wood roofs, made of the same high quality lumber as the swing set. Many include dormers and a chimney. We also have two add-ons you can add to your set, either a Treehouse Add-On or the Treehouse with Fort Add-On.



A twist on our all cedar wood roofs. Made of the same high quality lumber as the swing set, these roofs include decorative sunbursts, dormers with decorative windows and chimneys. These roofs also come with two solar wall lights


Can I Customize My Swing Set?

Yes, there are options for you to customize your swing sit.  PlayNation Redwood Series and PlayMor brand swing sets are 100% customizable.  PlayNation 15 year warranty set has some options to customize the set.  To make sure your getting exactly what you want call (828) 776-2731 to speak with one of our sales representatives and we would be happy to configure a swing set just for you



Many of the sets in our Imperial
and Empire Series are available
with our Treehouse Add-On,
which includes two windows w/
working shutters, giving the front
of the set a semi-enclosed look


Many of the sets in our Imperial
and Empire Series are available
with our Fort Add-On, which
encloses the back of the main
deck and includes two decorative


Monkey Bar Add-On

Build endurance and strength by adding a set of Playnation Monkey Bars Add-On to your swing set! These Monkey Bars are designed to fit on most Regal, Empire or Imperial Pre-Configured Swing Sets. The included 4×4 lumber will make installation simple. Available for Regal, Empire or Imperial Pre-Configured Play Systems Only.


Tire Swing Add On

Spin and twist in your own backyard with the Tire Swing Add-On from PlayNation Play Systems. This add-on attaches to your existing set. With the included 360° Turbo Tire Swing with Swivel, kids will have everything they need for fun. All materials are included to add to an existing PlayNation Pre-Configured Play Systems fort structure. Available for Regal, Empire or Imperial Play Systems Only.